Creative Real Estate Investing

A six module home study course is designed to help you become successful in Today's Real World.

Here is another way to be successful in Real Estate

…and it’s guaranteed!

There are MILLIONS of foreclosures, short sales and REOS.

Yet sellers can’t get rid of their properties…..WHY?

Because the banks are holding on to their money tighter than EBENEZER SCROOGE.

Buyers can’t get financed. Sellers are stuck.

Buy properties on terms, creating DEALS THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU AND TO THE SELLER.

Legally. Ethically. Profitably.

Let Creative Real Estate Investing for Today’s Real World show you how!

This six module home study course is designed to give you the background you need for an overall understanding of creative real estate and how you can make it work to achieve your financial freedom goals.

  • How to recognize a deal that’s GOOD FOR YOU.Creative Real Estate Cover
  • How to find deals that aren’t on the Radar.
  • Using public records to uncover all the background information you need to get the upper hand in negotiating with sellers.
  • Learn how to control properties with little money down.
  • Strategies to structure your deals to truly minimize risk (and that certainly does not involve going down to the bank and signing your personal guarantee!!)
  • How to create cash flows and income streams faster than you thought possible.
  • And most importantly, how to think creatively in times that call for creative ideas.

You also get an Appendix CRAMMED with Documents, Contracts and Check Lists

for every aspect of your investing business.

SPECIAL BONUS: Spreadsheet Templates to track your growing real estate empire.

Just $129 for a hard copy or $79 for a downloaded version will get you started TODAY!

If you are buying your 1st house or your 5th house…or you want to be a real estate investor looking for the best place to start; I’ll guarantee that you save ten times the cost of this course on the next house you buy. –D Allen Johnson

60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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“I had a chance to go through your course at length. What a great course. I’m impressed as to how you were able to put every detail in the correct order and be so thorough. Excellent material. I think almost every beginner that comes through your door will want to take part in your course!   Great job! “

-Michael Poggi – Investor, Speaker, Author

“There are so many ways to get involved with real estate and most people wonder how to get started in real estate.  If you’re looking for a comprehensive course that is going to give a solid foundation for launching your real estate career,  I highly recommend Allen Johnson’s real estate course.  It’s loaded with a wealth of knowledge to help you become profitable in real estate.”

-Andy Henriquez – Strategic Story Telling Expert, National Speaker, Coach and Mentor

“Allen…have taken a look at your “course”, and it looks great to me. Stellar job.”

-Hugh Anderson – Real Estate Broker for 50 Years…at one time – 4 offices and 100 associates, Former County Commissioner and Real Estate Investor

Remember, you have a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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