The Real Estate & Business Network

Networking, Education, & Inspiration!

The Real Estate & Business Network is a twice weekly “Meet-Up” for real estate investors and business owners that meets every Tuesday for Breakfast & Thursday for Lunch and have been doing so for over 24 years. Our mission is to empower our members with education and inspiration as well as provide a casual networking atmosphere.

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Why the Real Estate & Business Network?

The Real Estate and Business network provides a casual environment for fellow real estate investors and business owners to meet and network on a weekly basis.

A place to learn, network, and grow.

we give our guests the opportunity to network, build lasting relationships and grow their business

Our meetings are fun and relaxed. Attire is casual but of course, feel free to dress up! Join us every Thursday at the Denny’s on Powerline Road and Oakland Park Boulevard. Share information, get updated on the latest news, discuss ideas and learn what other investors, business owners and vendors are doing in today’s market. Before the actual meeting commences, we give our guests the opportunity to network, build lasting relationships and grow their business. The cost of attendence is low and there are no annual membership fees. Attend whenever you can.

Get answers to your questions!

Feel more confident in all your business dealings because you know there is a place you can get answers to your questions. Bring any problems you encounter to the meeting and you will be sure to find some other members that have solved that problem in the past.

Share what you do!

Unlike many other clubs, our focus is on helping you. During every meeting, every guest is given 60 seconds to introduce themselves and share what they do and how we can help. There’s no need to be shy – we welcome all members, new and old.

The Founder: Allen Johnson

D. Allen Johnson has been a Fort Lauderdale resident since 1954. His first Real Estate purchase was a small 2/1 home in the Progresso area for $7,995 with VA payments of $63 per month. He shared the house with a roommate who paid $75 per month. Johnson has bought and sold for his own account homes, condos, co-ops, small apartment buildings, and an athletic club that had 28 apartment hotel units.

He has had as many as 65 units and currently owns several small apartment buildings through Prudential Properties a real estate investment and management company he heads. He has held a real estate license since 1968 making him a Realtor Emeritus and has been Vice President/Broker and Investment Property Specialist with Anaconda Realty Company for several years in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, He also published a newsletter-Income Property Advisor: a guide to Income Property Investing and Management.

Johnson was a 1951 University of Maryland Business Administration graduate and former U.S. Marine Corps Captain. He started Pace Pools in 1956 as a one man maintenance company. He built a small warehouse in 1956 for his :”start up” pool company. Gradually acquired 11 additional lots and with several building expansions and renovations later…created the Fort Lauderdale headquarters for Pace Pools and 4 other affiliated companies. He became Florida’s largest pool company and one of the 10 largest in the United States in just 13 years…Building some 600 pools a year.

Title’s Held

  • Past Board Member-Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals.
  • Past Member of Young Presidents Organization.
  • Past President of Florida Swimming Pool Industries Association.
  • Past President of 500 member Broward Builders Exchange.
  • Past Regional Vice President and Director of National Pool and Spa Institute.
  • Past Director and Member of the Executive Association of Fort Lauderdale.
  • Past Director of Better Business Bureau of South Florida.
  • Graduated 22nd in a class of 994-Officer Candidate Course-U.S.M.C.-1951.
  • Sales & Marketing Executives “Top Management Award” -1963.
  • Outstanding Director 1963-64, Broward Builders Exchange.
  • Holds Patents on Pool Filter and Pool Forming System.
  • Holds General Contractors License.
  • Holds Real Estate Broker License.