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Join us every Thursday at Denny's on Powerline Road and Oakland Park Blvd.
Serving South Florida for over 20 years

Denny’s on Powerline

3151 Northwest 9th Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, United States

Exit I-95 on Oakland Park Blvd East. Located on the corner of the first plaza on the left. (Lowe’s plaza)

D Allen Johnson’s additional background and motivation for writing his Creative Real Estate Investing Course

I had bought my first home in 1957 and many, many others over the years. I built and expanded some warehouses, built several apartment buildings (a 7 and 10 unit), bought a house and guest house with two adjacent duplexes in the Victoria Park area. I tore down the duplexes and moved the house and guest house about 8 blocks to a lot I had previously purchased. I remodeled the house and guest house into 3 units…rented it out for a year and then sold it. I sold the now vacant lot to an apartment developer. He built a 24 unit condo on the land. I negotiated a deal that enabled me make even more money on the sale by waiting until he obtained the construction financing.Creative Real Estate Cover

That one deal made me about $65K back in 1971. Maybe the equivalent of $650,000 in today’s dollars. A little later I started assembling some lots in Oakland Park and built a The Players Club…a million dollar squash, tennis and athletic club with 28 hotel rooms and apartments at 1299 E. Oakland Park Blvd.

As I look back on this…I had done quite a few and a variety of deals before I really started to study and learn the Real Estate Investment business. In 1979 I took my first weekend course…The Lowry-Nickerson Course for $395. I also got my Real Estate license in 1968 and my Brokers license in 1979.

I have acquired and studied dozens and dozens of courses and books over all these years. If you have been around the business for a while…you might remember some of these names like Ron Le Grand, Carlton Sheets, Robert Bruss newsletters,  Jeffery Taylor,  Mark Harrelson, Henry Hoche, Mike and Irene Milin, Richard Dewberry, Pete Young, Ray Como, Nick Sidoti, Cliff Leonard, Russ Whitney, Robert Mann, Louis Brown, Jason Loucks and many more. They still fill the shelves and bookcases throughout my home.

All of this Real Estate business was done part time as I was running my growing swimming pool business for 34 years as well as managing my rentals and buying, fixing and selling properties.

I’ve been running the Real Estate and Business Network since 1992…meeting weekly with more than a thousand  Real Estate investors and would be investors  for over 20 years.

One of the things that always bothered me…was seeing so many new investors coming to our meetings and trying to figure out how to get started…or even if they were well suited for real estate investing.

With that in mind… I’ve put together this course to address both these questions and bargain priced it at Just $ 79 for the downloadable version and $ 129 for the printed hard copy version (regular price $197)…making it affordable for the beginning investor but equally valuable to any investor that wants a detailed plan to work and succeed in this business.

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Our mission is to empower our members with education and inspiration
as well as provide a casual networking atmosphere.


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At our meetings, you will be able to speak to our group for 60 seconds as we go around the room. Share what you do how we may be able to help you attain your goals . We also have Special Presentation Speakers from time to time to educate our members.

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Hear what our members have to say!

I have been coming to this meeting for several years and have always found the meetings to be very informative. Unlike other meetings, you can get practical information an investor can use. I also like the friendly atmosphere.

Eula Murray-Hylton, Licensed Insurance Agent

Allen’s weekly network was where I first got started 4 years ago when I was 17. Since then it has really launched my career and network in South Florida.

Tiger Sun, RawR Marketing

I’ve gotten solid business from the members of the group that are still on the books. Thanks for running the meetings.

Tyrone Banks, Insurance

What a great group of people! No fear in sharing excellent and vital information… all with a smile. Good ideas to get your real estate business going!

Eyal Grad, Investor/Trader

In the few years I’ve been attending these meetings I’ve learned enough to put my life in gear and began buying homes below asking price. I have also made many new contacts for home repairs, investment choices and most of all new friends. Everyone in the Club has been kind, informative and surprisingly honest. Keep up the great work Allen. We’d be lost without your meetings.

Dave Baumwald, D&M Home Development

I’ve been attending networking meetings for 40 years of my real estate career. Your meeting is the best of it’s kind. I recommend it all the time to both old timers and newbie’s.

Jim Wolfe, Investor/Trader